Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Miracle Morning - The Home Stretch

2 more days to go in September and for me the Miracle Morning has meant meditation. I've done 10 days of a motivation meditation 'pack' as they call it on the head space app and I am partway through a self esteem pack. It really is amazing how quickly the 10 minutes go by and how different I feel before and after.

We are all so busy multi tasking that getting a little head space each day is like a breath of fresh air. Yesterday I truly was not feeling good, thought I was getting sick and felt totally different after meditating.  The ibuprofen and vitamins I took probably helped too!

Looking ahead what will my October challenge be? I am going to participate in 'Making Your Home a Haven' as I did last year but that's easy, or at least the first week is.
How easy is it? Pick out your favorite candle scent. Buy the biggest candle in that scent you can find. Light it each day in your kitchen and say a prayer for your family. I can handle that. There's more to it as the month goes along but none of it is tough to do.

Here's a post from last year about 'Making You Home a Haven'

Stay tuned for more from My Middleton Chronicles and if you are inclined comment and tell me about what you do to stay happy, healthy and challenged in your life.


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