Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Perfect VS. Good

10 days of Headspace with 6 days down and 4 to go.

The Miracle Morning efforts continue. As with any new endeavor it is a work in progress. Some days are better than others. The main thing is the effort and attempt to fit in things that I know are beneficial.

There are many versions of this quote which I think originally came from the book Good To Great written by Jim Collins. "Don't Let Perfect Be The Enemy Of Good." or "Don't Let Perfect Get In The Way Of Good." Or maybe it came from my guru Grethen Rubin.

I'm not going to get caught up in what I've done or not done. Instead the focus will be on daily improvement. One thing that has become clear over and over is that exercise should get done first thing or it may not ever get done. That will be my small goal for tomorrow. Get the exercise done and out of the way first thing.

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