Monday, October 3, 2016

Microblog Monday - I've Heard Writing Things Down Works

Photo by Mpho Mojapelo-

"Think of your mind as a juggler and the thoughts that occupy your mind as balls." -AT

Or for some people thoughts are like a game of foosball. Quick moving and sometimes hard to follow.

Either way there can be strain on the brain and a tendency to become overwhelmed and drop everything.

After putting down the balls or taking control of the game by writing down your thoughts, to-do list, goals anxieties, etc on paper there is a feeling of putting the ball down if you're juggling or running the game if you're in that foosball game mode. 

Once things are down on paper you can choose what you want to focus on. 
You also have everything in one place so when you want to revisit that thought, goal, to-do you know right where they are.

Are you one to write things down or do you wing it? I read some compelling info on why writing things down works and have switched from an electronic only calendar and to-do list to a combination of electronic and good old paper and pencil.
How do you juggle all the balls? Take control of the frenetic foosball game like life?
Does your method work? I'd love to hear from you!



  1. I know the value of writing things down, but my natural tendency is to wing it. Good reminder for me to start writing things down. Thanks, Wendy.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Corinne! I'm with you I have to fight against my natural tendency to wing it.

  2. I do both, keep it in my mind (and hope I remember it), put it in an online calendar and then quite often write stuff down in a day planner/calendar. The day planner also works as a mini-journal of daily events. I have them from many years past.

    1. Thanks for commenting JustHeather! I recently came across an old wall calendar (1997?) and it was great to see the entries on it.

  3. At some point in the week I regret relying solely on my brain to remember things. I have lists all over the place - on paper and in my phone :) Writing my thoughts/emotions is like therapy for me, so I have my blog.