Monday, October 24, 2016

Microblog Monday - What A Difference A Year Makes

I love the feature on Facebook that shows your posts from years past. The photo on the left popped up the other day and the photo on the right was taken recently. I keep a diary of my weight loss attempts that dates back to 2013.

After reading through my entries one day I realized that over and over I was getting started with losing weight but never getting lasting results. Not due to will power, not due to lack of effort but due to things that were out of my control.

Help, help was what I needed. Not help from the leaders and counselors at Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the like that I of course had tried, often more than once. I needed serious help.

I have not quite lost all that I want to lose. The other challenge is I do not want to gain back what I have lost.

I'll talk more about my weight loss journey here so stay tuned to My Middleton Chronicles.

My best, Wendy


  1. More power to you, Wendy. I need to learn from you. Very inspiring!

  2. I am anxiously awaiting to see what finally clicked for you. I feel like I plan to start some new regimen and last year I did start two different times on the Beach Body 21 Day Fix (I really hate the term Beach Body, ugh!), but then life things got messy and I haven't gone back. I have a disconnect from my brain to my mouth or something, but I really NEED to learn what is holding me back so I can get past it and get health(ier). Good job on all your hard work! :)