Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Reply I Got From GM at Albany Best Western

Ms. English,

 Once again I would like to apologize for the experience that you had at the hotel,  while you were at the hotel we did everything within our power to try to assist you we offered to give you another room we offered to let you have a room to take a shower due to the issues that you were experiencing,  you refused all of our attempts to try to assist you.  You did contact customer care the day that you departed the hotel and excepted my offer of a 50% discount off of your room at that time.  During our phone call today I tried to explain that you would already received a 50% discount,  I tried very hard talking with you today to resolve this issue however due to the fact that you have threatened to continue to try to destroy the hotels reputation on all forms of social media I explained to you that I was unable to continue our conversation and I said to you have a nice day that I was going to let you go now  and ended the conversation.  I do sincerely apologize for the experience that you had at the hotel, it is not a typical experience for our guest. I regret not being able to assist you further. 

Laura Rummel

Hi Laura & to whom it may concern at Best Western,

In your email reply you have not addressed the fact that you charged me 3X and I had to call the hotel about this and was told you were not available and could not call me back. I did not post anything online until then and was waiting for a call from the "corporate office" that I was told I would get when I checked out because I was not satisfied with the offer of a 1/2 price room based on the poor condition of the hotel, the fact that our confirmed reservation did not seem to exist and the poor customer service I received.

To then find out yesterday that a call was never coming from the "corporate office" as you and your staff stated it would and to have them send me back to you I was just following what I was told to do to resolve what I consider to be an unresolved issue.

Upon reaching you and in the process of going over my grievances I was told I could talk as much as I wanted and that you were not going to do anything and I was hung up on. 

As far as posting on review sites I have not posted anything about my experience that is not true and would have certainly posted a positive review with details about how my complaints and issues were resolved had I been treated in a positive way with my complaints and issues addressed instead of having you act like what took place was somehow my problem. And to reiterate I did not take to review sites until you charged me 3X for a 1 night stay.

My reviews are on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google, Facebook and I have tweeted @bestwestern


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Terrible stay at Best Western & even worse treatment after

Hey Best Western Albany Airport - we in a fight.
No reservation at 11:00 at night despite having email confirmation of said reservation
Knowingly put me in a room with plumbing problems where we could not shower
Over charged me
Laura Rummel, General Manager, disappeared, would not take my calls and falsely told me that the corporate office would be contacting me and could help me further
Laura Rummel hung up on me today
I will be adding to my reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp about the poor customer service I have gotten while trying to resolve my complaint.
I should not have to pay a penny for my stay at the Best Western Albany Airport and would like to be reimbursed what I was charged plus damages for the time I have had to spend.  When you stay in a hotel you expect to be able to check in, rest and shower in a room that does not spray water from the ceiling. All that should go without saying.
To then get the run around and be hung up on by the general manager in unacceptable.
To not receive a requested call back from customer care is unacceptable.