Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday Wish

I've been thinking a lot about social media and how it can positively and negatively affect people. Right now with the Presidential election coming up soon my social media feed has taken on a life of its own with people espousing their views.

It can be helpful and eye opening and it can be a place filled with propaganda and conspiracy theories. One thing that is becoming very clear is that there are people who take everything they hear at face value without looking in to whether it is true, not true or is partially true.
Take everything you hear with that grain of salt your mother told you about guys. Check facts. Form your own opinions.

The big news in my house this morning is we started delivery from a local dairy farm and you'd think it was Christmas day with how excited I am. Milk, orange juice, apple cider, eggs and cheese were all on my doorstep this morning. Grocery shopping is one of the worst chores in the house (at least in my opinion) so I am loving  life after the delivery. Life hacks that make things easier and more simple are things I try to figure out and for me this is a good one.
I've tried having my whole shopping list delivered in the past (Peapod from Stop & Shop is the one I tried) and I liked it in the snowy winter months but the lack of variety and shopping online and not being able to see things in person before they were delivered like you do when you walk the aisles in the store made it just an OK experience.
Having staples delivered each week may be the better option in my case.

The quote in the photo is the one from my social media news feed this morning that I am choosing to focus on today. It is also my Thursday Wish for you.


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