Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vision Board - Miracle Morning

Great Things Are Done By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together

A piece of The Miracle Morning is visualization. For me that brings to mind a vision board.  It must be from my experience with The Secret. Remember that book and video? I do believe in that stuff. One of the sayings that stuck with me goes something like this - 'what the mind can conceive one can achieve'. The thing that many people found lacking with 'The Secret' was the part about actually having to do something about getting what you want. That there is work and effort that has to go in to it to. You can't just visualize being thinner. You have to actually eat right and exercise. Money does not just fall off of trees if you visualize it. You have to work and earn a wage, create something you can sell and then sell it or find a product you believe in and sell that or some combination of all of the above.

The saying you see in the photo on this post hangs in my home office. At least it's supposed to be my home office. If you could see the desk you'd see that there are books my daughter purged out of her room next to it, pencils and markers that I dug out before going school supply shopping so we would not duplicate what we already have, an abandoned laptop of my husbands ... but I digress.

One of my mistakes of the past was to look for the quick fix. The nice thing about having some life experience behind me is that I now no there are very few overnight successes. There's always a story of hard work and perseverance behind it.

So after doing a prep day for The Miracle Morning and 3 actual days practicing it I made it to the weekend and am going to do some more prep work which brings me back to the vision board. I spent some time reading Boston Magazine this morning and the great thing about Boston Magazine is it illustrates lifestyles. We are lucky in Massachusetts that we have the great city of Boston and all it has to offer, there are mountains to our north and west and all that they offer and there are beautiful shores all up and down our coastline. The September issue ranks the top schools and takes on the debate of charter schools vs. public schools in one of the articles. Being a mom I am grateful that compared to other areas of the country you pretty much can't go wrong when choosing a school for your children. The public education here is excellent and there's no shortage of other choices when it comes to education.

So what I need to figure out for my vision board is what should go on it. What am I striving for in those small things that I will so that will come together to form something great?
One of them is for sure good health. Another is good personal relationships. The third would be professional success. One of the tasks from the start of The Miracle Morning was to rank from 1-10 where you are currently in these areas:

Romance/Significant other
Environment home/office
Family and Friends

I wrote a bit about it in this previous post

How do I get to level 10 in these areas and which ones are most important to me?

Stay tuned for more of My Middleton Chronicles and if you have any comments or advice  on figuring this stuff out I'd love to hear them.

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