Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Here We Come - Challenges For A Happier Life

I love fall, especially in New England.

The October 2015 NaBloPoMo theme is perfect for where I am in my life. The theme is DISH

My husband and I came to the conclusion we are eating out too much which we believe contributes to our expanded waist lines and low bank account balances. Will eating at home for the month of October help us with those things?

Here's the plan - we will treat ourselves and eat out twice in October and although we LOVE a nice glass of wine or a cocktail (dirty martini for me) the plan is to indulge in a drink or 3 only on Saturdays.

Any other aspiring writers out there? Want to join me as I shoot for a post a day following the theme DISH? Bloghers October NaBloPoMo has daily writing prompts you can check it out here

The second part of the plan/challenge is to participate in the Making Your Home a Haven 6th annual Fall Challenge on the Women Living Well blog.
The challenge is easy but I envision it creating a really nice home environment for my family.
So when I say easy I really do mean easy. There's a task each week and for the first week the directive is to go buy an extra large candle and light it each day in a place that you would say is the hub of your home. Thinking that is the kitchen for me.
"Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home."
Now for the fun part - what scent candle should I go and buy. I don't know about you but I NEVER buy the extra large candle so it really will be a splurge.
For more info on the Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge you can check that out here

I won't be posting as many links to other sites going forward but thought I'd share where my ideas came from in case you are interested. Also so I am giving credit to the cool women out there who have inspired me to take on these challenges.

Wishing you all my best. Wendy


  1. If I weren't such a mouthy Italian woman who cusses like a sailor except when I'm at church... I would join you in the Making Your Home a Haven challenge. I went over n' checked it out and it really is wonderful. I use candles every day in my home, and despite what some of my posts may reflect, I am a praying woman. :) As for eating out vs eating in. I live the heart of my city and am surrounded by phenomenal eateries, but here's my deal, I LOVE to cook and the only time I'll eat out is if I can't make it at home, doesn't help with my waist line in the least but it does help my bank account. And wine? Every day of the week. Say it with me Wendy,! :D - Stopping by from Blogher. I'll be back. You've been warned. ;)

  2. Had my wine tonight. Best way to end the week!