Thursday, October 1, 2015

Beloved Family

Family & Food Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

My family, perhaps much like yours, has distinct opinions when it comes to food. I must admit that as the mom I have not always been the most enthusiastic cook. I sheepishly admit that and am looking at October and at my family challenge to eat at home all month as my chance to get creative and make some memories with my family. 

Last night sitting around the table with my family I took an informal poll to find out what their most beloved family dish is. I was not surprised to find out that it is not a dish that I cook. It did make me a little sad to hear that but truth be told, it's no ones fault but mine. 
The dish that is the family favorite is one that my husband makes and that his mom made for him. It is a dish that stretched the family dollar and fed a bunch of kids back in the day.

Omi Dish -
Egg Noodles
Scrambled Eggs
Ham Steak cut in to cubes

In my family the dish we were served when the fridge was just about bare was tuna casserole. Not a favorite of mine but I certainly do remeber it well. Apparently my dad loves it. I always wondered if he really loved it or if he was just being good natured about a meal that was not the most decadent but was what we had. 

On another note, we went out last night and selected an extra large Yankee Candle to start of Octobers Making Your Home a Haven challenge. Pumpkin Spice was the candle of choice and it felt great to splurge and buy the big one. We lit it this morning and I love what it symbolizes.

Please bless this home with peace.

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    1. Just for the record, I hate tuna casserole. Times were tough back in the day!
      Dad really doe love it!