Friday, October 2, 2015

Memories For a Chilly Day

October in New England
The most beloved family dish as reported by my family, Omi dish. A concoction of egg noodles, scrambled eggs and ham. On a day like this rainy October day in New England it sounds heavenly. True comfort food. As I type it is grey, rainy and a chilly 50 degrees. After the drought of a summer we just had this weather is a bit of a shock.
Does anyone even know where their jackets, rain boots and umbrellas are?

I don't know if Omi invented the Omi dish. Perhaps it was passed down to her by her mother or mother in law. That is who Omi is, my mother in law. Or who she was, I should say.
Heidi English, Omi, passed away in 2009. She was relatively young and it's hard to believe she's been gone over 6 years.

The Heidi I picture when I picture her serving Omi dish would have been a young mom with 5 kids. 4 boys and a girl. That Heidi probably had no idea, just as I had no idea, how quickly her children's childhood would go by or that once gone by that her grandchildren would still be talking about and loving Omi dish.

I am making 2 meals today so my family has some good choices this weekend - Omi dish and a lasagna. Will lasagna be the dish I end up being known for? Probably not but by the end of this month of eating at home hopefully there will be one. I'll light the candle, take my time to make it right and then hope they notice the love that's inside. If not today, someday.

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Wishing you all my best, Wendy


  1. Aw, I just had a whole comment for you and it disappeared. Boo. Your Omi's dish does sound super yummy and I'm sure your family will know, appreciate and feel the love in your home cooked meals. Be sure n' share some of your recipes! Happy blogging, and happy Fall! Yay for cooler temps, AND rain! We've had a drought out here too and for the past couple of nights downpours, which Boise is never ever known for.. Stay dry, or, go play in a puddle! :D

    1. Rained here today too. We have had a REALLY dry summer in the Northeast too. No puddle jumping for me!