Thursday, November 3, 2016

When Was The Last Time You Were Brave

When I think of bravery I don't necessarily think of myself. Don't get me wrong, I believe I am a strong person but when I think of a brave person I think of soldiers, great world leaders, inventors, artists...

The more I thought about it one thing that came to me is something I say to myself often: "get up, dress up and show up."  I do put on a brave face on many days but not to the extent that others do. Soldiers put themselves at risk to protect others. 
World leaders make hard decisions on a daily basis. Artists put their work out for the world to see. Inventors often fail over and over before perfecting their invention. That, in my mind is real bravery.

People who go after what they want most in life are brave. I have things I'm going after and don't plan on giving up. When I get there I'll let you know and share my brave tale.
Until then stay tuned for more from My Middleton Chronicles.

Here's what came up when I googled the definition of brave:
  1. 1.
    ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.
    "a brave soldier"
    synonyms:courageousvaliant, valorous, intrepidheroiclionheartedbold,
  1. 1.
    people who are ready to face and endure danger or pain.
  2. 2.
    an American Indian warrior.
    "an Indian brave"
  1. 1.
    endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear.
    "we had to brave the full heat of the sun"
    synonyms:endure, put up with, bearwithstandweathersuffer


  1. I remember being brave the last time I went in for my caesarean delivery! I had to put a brave face so that my husband could carry on standing there waiting for me. It took a lot of courage though

  2. I bet that took bravery! The recovery must have taken bravery too. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Great topic! Although we quickly think about how bravery applies to us (adults), this is also an important topic for our children. What does being brave look like or feel like to them? There are so many situations they face that require bravery: Talking to the kids at school that nobody talks to because they aren't popular; Wearing clothes that they like even it it's not what the other kids are wearing; Taking an Honors class when you aren't the best student because they're afraid they'll fail or because they don't think they are smart enough, etc. Taking a chance to do something different in order to achieve different results versus going along with what everyone else is doing and being satisfied with the status quo takes a LOT of bravery. Everyone can be good at something, but sometimes it takes bravery to be great at get past those times that are difficult when you feel like just giving up.

  4. So true! I have to say I would not go back to being a kid in those situations. Others yes but not those. Kids do have to be very brave these days. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I think bravery is subjective and it can be anything that involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Setting up my business was definitely quite brave of me!

  6. Congrats on your business. Yes, stepping out of your comfort zone takes a lot of bravery. What is your business? & thanks for reading and commenting.