Thursday, November 10, 2016

24 Hour Rule

Photo by Zara Walker - Unsplash
The 24 Hour Rule and A Lot Can Change In A Month -

When something is a lot to handle or digest I like to give it 24 hours before acting or commenting. I have given the election outcome that breathing room and now want to share my thoughts. When I said at the start of the month of November 2016 that a lot can change in a month I knew we'd elect a new President.

I follow a couple of themes on my blog and it was very fitting that yesterday was Wordless Wednesday. The country is in shock and for many there are no words. For Trump supporters it is shock that they won and for Clinton supporters it is shock that they did not.

Living in a blue state I think that shock factor is huge here. We had our finger on the pulse of our area but did not have a handle on the sentiments of the rest of the country.

There are days when you go buy copies of the newspaper as a memento from a historic day. I thought the newspaper headlines would be very different the day after election day, however it is no less momentus a day. I bought copies of several newspapers yesterday and will tuck them away.

The honor of being the first woman President is still out there for a woman to aspire to and achieve.

For me I do not have the fear that many are expressing. I am going to trust that our new POTUS will surround himself with capable advisors and that he will make America greater. I say greater because as someone who loves our country I know there are very big flaws but I also know it is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Above all In God We Trust.



  1. I was not surprised by the outcome. I felt that many people lied to the pollsters and that the election would be closer than expected. But now, my fear is that we will continued polarized, with hate oozing out of every dark corner. Alana

    1. I think you are right about people fibbing to pollsters. I am hoping your fear does not become our reality. Time will tell ...
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I followed the election and came as a surprise since Hillary won popular votes but owing to the college electoral system she lost. I supported her for a year despite not being a US citizen. I always believed in the Great American Dream but sadly, I feel it will all be compromised.

    1. I hope the American dream is not compromised. These are interesting times we are living in. Thanks for reading and for your thoughts on the matter. Time will tell. I am remaining hopeful. That is my nature.