Friday, November 11, 2016

5 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

Since Gilmore Girls made it's return recently I've been thinking about favorite TV shows that ended too soon and that I'd like to see more of.

Some shows, like the Brady Bunch, had movies that followed up and showed the characters years down the road. A Very Brady Christmas satisfied my 'where are they now' curiosity. 
The reunion of the Sex and The City ladies could have ended with just 2 movies but I only know that because they did go for it with a 3rd. 

A famous saying when it comes to TV shows stems from Happy Days running a little longer than perhaps it should have. Instead of leaving fans wanting more the Happy Days gang 'jumped the shark' and continued on after story lines became less entertaining and more ridiculous.

Here's my list, in descending order from least to most favorite, of 5 shows that did not 'jump the shark' and left me wanting more:

5.  Sopranos - This show was so full of complex characters it would take a full length movie or another season to really see where they are now. The Sopranos was appointment TV for me and I loved the shock factor. I'd make an appointment to see what these characters are up to now. How did Tony's kids turn out? Dr Melfi? The list of characters I wonder about could go on and on and at the top of that list is Tony himself. I loved the theme song Woke Up This Morning. So gangster, so awesome. My idea for a next step for the Sopranos would be a movie - A Very Soprano Christmas. 

4. Freaks and Geeks - I only discovered this show when it came out on Netflix. Somehow I missed it's regular TV run. When it comes to shows that left viewers wanting more this one would top the list for many. I think it only ran for 2 seasons. The struggles of high school are so vivid and the characters are people we all knew. Seeing Seth Rogan at the start of his career and Jason Segel who I most associate with his How I Met Your Mother character was great. The theme song Bad Reputation was perfection. The guidance counselor trying to get Lindsay Weir (the main characters sister) to stay on the 'Mathletes' when she would rather hang with her new burnout friends is classic.

3. Mad About You - This shows last 2 episodes did go to the future of the characters but did still leave me wondering about how things turned out for them. The time when the show ran was a time when I was in the same age group and stage in life as the characters so I very much related to them. The theme song was fitting but not iconic - Final Frontier. Shows set in NYC are intriguing. I love the idea of NYC apartment living. Everything you could want or need right on your block.
The episodes where Paul and Jamie are doing the most mundane things like getting ready for company, getting ready for the day, arguing about whether the floor slants or not are all so relatable. The list of stars who had recurring and guest roles are impressive and there are crossovers with 2 other shows on this top 5 list - Friends and Seinfeld.

2.  Friends - The comments could go on for days when it comes to Friends. Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving and my foray in to re-watching Friends from beginning to end was like visiting with old, well, old Friends. It warms my heart that my son and his group are having 'Friendsgiving' complete with touch football. The theme song I'll Be There For You by the Rembrandt's fits the show perfectly.  There was so much discussion about a Friends movie and it has not happened. I am still holding out hope for it. 10 seasons is a long time for a show to run. As I re-watched it there were very few episodes that were duds. The great episodes still make me laugh out loud. Think Ross' spray tan episode.

1. Seinfeld - Surprise, surprise. I did not get enough of Seinfeld. The Larry David Show on HBO helped my withdrawal symptoms however I don't think I am over the show being over. There is theme music and the intro is Jerry doing his stand up for many of the episodes. There are so many hysterical episodes and while the finale is not what I expected I did like it. After 9 seasons I was still left wanting more.
The episode where the Japanese businessmen stay with Kramer was a side splitter and I needed to see the re-run to hear everything in the episode. I was laughing so hard I missed some dialogue the first time around. The parents of Jerry and George were hysterical. What happened to them? They must have been so proud of their kids ending up in jail. Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer and the long list of guests who appeared were the most entertaining characters. Bring on a Seinfeld movie! It will probably never happen but that won't keep me from hoping.

What are your favorite shows that ended too soon?
Would love to hear from you.


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