Friday, January 22, 2016

How a Monk Named Andy Helps Me Get Out of My Head

Having been in sales for the past 17 years I have spent a bit of time in classes, trainings, seminars and presentations geared toward being productive and focused.
When taking on a new project, career, class or when learning a new skill it is critically important to have the right mindset.

Today I want to focus specifically on the advice I have heard from super successful and productive people on staying the course and developing a strong resolve and mindset.

2 pieces of advice I hear over and over from successful, focused people is the importance of exercise and meditation when it comes to building strong resolve and having a positive mindset.

Apparently meditation not only reduces stress but it changes your brain, according to a study by Harvard neuroscientists. You can read about it here, very interesting!
I believe it. Sometimes you just need to get out of your head, even just for 10 minutes.

Have you started a new career? Taken on a project that requires mental toughness and a 'don't give up' mindset? Trying to stick to those pesky resolutions? Give meditation a try.

This is not a commercial for this app, rather it is me sharing a great tool I was turned on to because I love it.
All you need is 10 minutes a day for 10 days. The app is called Headspace. You can see what it's all about here
A kind voiced monk named Andy takes you through simple meditations that, at least for me, really do get you out of the noise and clammer that can go on in all of our heads.

If you end up giving meditation a try let me know how it goes. I love learning from all of you!

My best, Wendy

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