Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Health week - January Challenges for a Happier Life

This week has been named "Health Week". As such I will be making all of the appointments that I have been putting off. For no reason. Basically just my poor time management. OK that's not true, that's me being tough on myself. Whatever the case may be I cannot put off these annoying appointments any longer. I actually made a commitment to myself to get these scheduled back in December and well, here we are.

Health week  to do's -
Squish appointment
Skin check appointment
Dentist regular check up (appointment set)

The difficulty with these tasks comes from the little things that need to happen before the actual tasks are done. For example for my yearly squish of the girls to check for the dreaded C word I need to find the contact info for the place I have been going for the last 8 years. Yes that's right last 8 years. You would think I would have that on hand but with the age of the smart phone upon us that contact info was lost 2 smart (or not so smart) devices ago. It has not been 2 years since my last squish. Just 2 phones ago.

As for the dentist appointment that has been put off because I really was not loving the office I had been going to even though it is super conveniently located. I bit the bullet yesterday and made the call to get an appointment at a much better office, at least I hope it is.

The skin check is an appointment that also has been put off a bit but in cleaning out my wallet yesterday I found the business card for the dermatologist my Dr referred me to. That contact info has been the thing standing in the way of that appointment.

It's Wednesday. It's a short week with the Monday holiday. I know I will be happier without these necessary appointments lurking around undone. Challenges for a happier life - take care of tasks that weigh on my mind. Get sh%$ done.

Thanks for reading. How do you handle getting in all the appointments that you and those you care for need in a given year? Do you have things you should be dealing with when it comes to your health and the care and keeping of you that you've been putting off? C'mon make me feel better and tell me I'm not alone in this.
I have resolved to do a better job with getting those regular appointments scheduled and taken care of in 2016. The next challenge will be actually getting to said appointments.

My best, Wendy

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  1. Update - my yearly squish appointment is done. Check that box for another year. The place I go now does it in 3D. Very cool. Now for that pesky skin check :(