Sunday, May 15, 2016

Can a Planner Bring the Change You are Seeking? If it's the Right One It Can!

Isn't it pretty?
I am a lucky mom. I have been wanting a Passion Planner for a while now and just had not pulled the trigger on buying one for myself. When my thoughtful daughter asked what I wanted for Mother's Day I quickly replied that the ONLY thing I really wanted was the limited edition, teal blue, large, undated Passion Planner.
Because this planner I coveted is from a young company that got started via a Kickstarter campaign it took some time for it to arrive (just got it yesterday) and was in a hand addressed Fedex package.
I knew it was a young company but did not realize how young.  As a limited edition it is also hand numbered inside.
I got 2376 / 15000

Not your usual planner

The difference between this planner and others I have used in the past, both paper and online, is that it has built in goal setting, project planning and room for both personal and professional undertakings.  There is also space to journal. There are so many things we all want to fit in to an hour, a day, a month, a year and a lifetime and this cool little book can help you with that. It is extremely positive. There is a place next to each weeks calendar to write down "Good Things That Happened". 

Are you someone who has a hard time prioritizing? Each weeks scheduler has space for your personal to-do list and your work to-do list. It further breaks the to-do's down by Top Priority, Priority and Errands with check boxes next to each. 

I've got some big professional goals and the goal of working on a healthier me. 

What are you working on these days? Do you have tools you love? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

All my best, Wendy

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

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  1. I'm working on Bullet Journalling. Taking it slow, not putting a lot of pressure on myself to use it constantly, but, it can keep me grounded (which I really need), if I use it right. Its fun too. Check out Bullet Journalling, its all over the internet. It can be whatever you want it to. Love your blog, Wendy. Especially the "Mix Tape". Congrats on your continuing weight loss success. Keep it up, it looks good on you.