Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Hello April I missed you!

Social media can take over your life. When you are tired and don't feel like doing much it's a way to live vicariously through others. I found out recently that I have sleep apnea (I am not getting enough oxygen while I sleep) and that my vitamin D level which should be a number of 30 or over is 17.
No wonder I am tired!

I took facebook, twitter and instagram off of my phone. Social media is part of my work so as I think it through further I realize I can't shut it off completely but can take steps to spend less time on it.

Being tired affects so many other things and makes it so much harder to get things done. And it bums you out.

I had a physical this past October. My vitamin D was OK at that time. This winter was not the piece of cake I originally thought it was. Low vitamin D is pretty common in the northeast where I live.
Time to get out in the sunshine and take a supplement!

Monday I will see a neurologist and find out what I need to do about the sleep apnea.
Losing weight will help that, I am sure.

Each year a friend of my sisters runs an April Challenge and I've participated several times in the past. This last year was my best year and I'm going to try to top it this year.
Participants pay a $30 entry fee and get points for completing activities. The basics are - giving up junk food, cardio 6 days a week and increasing #'s of sit ups, push ups and planks over the course of the month.

I also need to finish up that desk project I started ... it's looking great!
Pictures coming soon ...

All my best, Wendy

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