Saturday, February 20, 2016

Too Much of a Good Thing

A bender. That's what I have been on. For 2 full weeks now I have done pretty much nothing but eat out. I have not even been regularly making coffee at home. Yes, it's that bad.

For some, maybe those of you who live in New York City, that may not sound like anything terrible but where I live there are not the choices and options for amazing, healthy food that exist in other places. I live in the suburbs. Delivery is Chinese food or pizza. Chain restaurants abound.

That's not to say I've been eating all awful food but there has been a lot of it. Everyone knows there is no such thing as bad pizza and we do have an amazing sushi place nearby. The sunken table that you have to take your shoes off to access has hosted me on several occasions recently. The 'Volcano' is as deadly as it sounds and is so good with seafood and some kind of sauce over sushi rolls.  I also went to a fondue establishment I have been wanting to try for YEARS. I had been hinting to my husband to take me there to no avail. I finally got there and yes it lived up to my expectations. Fondue is a blast!

My 'last supper' so to speak was the lunch out with my sister yesterday. Brazilian barbecue short ribs were my choice, rich scallops and risotto was hers. $32 scallops and risotto which brings me to my next point - I have been thoroughly enjoying my cosmopolitan cocktail, dirty martini and wine soaked eating out binge however my wallet is feeling a bit light from it. Too much of a good thing.

Time to get back on the healthy eating wagon and plan some homemade meals. I belong to a great online group 'Healthy Meals for Busy Lives'. I've got some meals planned and my resolve fortified.

It's been fun and I hate to see the fun come to an end but alas it is a must. Here's the start to my plan for getting back on track. Crockpot soups to the rescue! So far it's Italian Wedding and a Tortilla or Taco soup.

I am thinking about following one of those plans where you make 40 "dump" meals in a weekend and put them in your freezer. One of the ladies in the 'Healthy Meals' group did it recently and it worked out great. Have any of you tried it?

My 'Healthy Meals' friend says she spent about $450 and it took 2 days of cooking but her family is loving the dinners and it's saving her tons of time during hectic weekdays.

Here's a link to the plan she followed

So here's a questions - how do you stay on track and out of trouble during busy weeks? Would love to hear from you and learn!

All my best, Wendy

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