Monday, February 15, 2016

#Microblog Monday - Winters Indoor Sports

Remember that desk I mentioned a few posts back?
I picked it up yesterday and made a trip to the store for supplies to clean it up and restore it. My plan is to use black chaulk paint from the top down and do a natural Cherry top and get a piece of glass for the top. This beauty needs new hardware, which will be fun to select. It really is a nice, solid piece and the back is finished, meaning it could sit in the middle of a room and still look great.
I landed this gem for 40 bucks. It will take some man hours and materials to get it looking great but I think I'll have an awesome desk on my hands when it's done.

It's freezing here in New England so inside pursuits are the way to go. Yesterday was -5 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill. Today is a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
The cold water line to my washing machine froze overnight 2 nights ago, that's how cold it is!
5 feet across!

Dove tail drawers


Back view - 'skirt'


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    1. Thanks! I can see the finised produce in my minds eye. Lots of work ahead to get it there :) Appreciate you checking out my post.