Friday, July 7, 2017

What's The Verdict on Vision Boards? Do They Work?

Quite a few years ago, when the book The Secret was so popular, I created a vision board.

Where it is today I am not sure. It kicked around my basement for many years and I think it did finally go out with the trash. There are 2 posts that were on the board that I remember well: a check I made out to myself for a million dollars and a photo of a Disney cruise ship.

There is lots of commentary and opinion when it comes to vision boards and for me while I believe that what you focus on expands I am not sure if a vision board works. The check for a mil has not arrived and I never did go on that Disney cruise.

I've done some more reading beyond The Secret on vision boards and in that process I came across an article that resonated with me. The author talked about a vision board that does not focus on material things but on feelings. In essence put on your board photos and items that bring about the feelings you wish to have. Check out the article here:

That line of thinking is the one I am going to employ as I create a new vision board. That same line of thinking is the reason I selected the photo I've used in this post. It's summer, sunflowers are beautiful and my sunflower photo emits that summer vibe.

This is the sign that hangs above my desk in my home office is one that I believe in and love as a concept when it comes to work. Does having it hang above my desk influence my thinking and have an effect on my work output? I'd have to say yes.

So ... do vision boards work? I am going to try one again and see if I can find out. Follow along here at My Middleton Chronicles.

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